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Hearty congratulations to all the achievers in CBSC X Std Examination and bringing laurels by securing 100% results.                                                                                                 Admission to Kindergarten classes in progress.

January 29

Alumni meet was held on this day in the school premises. The Sister Nivedita Alimni, shared their experiences with their juniors and teachers. It was a home coming moment for them.

Alumni Invitation


Sister Nivedita School will hold the group Alumni home coming on Saturday the 29th January 2011 at 6.00pm in the Annexe School building premises at D.K Road (challa hospital Road) Ameerpet.

The Alumni of two decades are invited for a reunion to reminiseise their schooldays and to renew commitment to their almamater. Sister Nivedita School.

Your confirmation to Participate would be appreciated , to make necessary arrangements.

Looking forward to meet you in person with ideals and values.


In a league of their own…

There are certain parameters by which the performance of an educational institution can be ascertained. While academic excellence is a direct reflection of the proper administration of the school, however, it is not a comprehensive one since all round development of the students is as important as their faring well in the exams. Therefore assessing the lives of the alumni is a foolproof method wherein the name of Sister Nivedita School stands at the summit.

The former students of the Sister Nivedita School are not only economically well-off - they are also distinguished citizens of the nation owing to a sense of service and moral values fostered at the school. They not only excel in their chosen field - they also are known for integrity and intelligence the school has inculcated in them. No wonder that the alumni of Sister Nivedita are among world-class medical professionals, high-ranking technologists and engineers, esteemed academicians, well-known writers, trustworthy political administrators, and successful entrepreneurs as well.

Welcome to alumni of our school. Here is a chance to interact with your fellow students through this website. Your values and suggestions are always an elixir to the juniors to ascend the ladder of life. Do not miss to join the school family on any occasion, for old is gold.

Alumni Meet on 30th December, 2008

Ex-students of our school interacted with principal Mrs. Jayanthi Venkataraman and shared their memories with their friends.

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